MetMax Europe’s set of lathes ranges from universal lathes to state-of-the-art numerical controlled (CNC) machines with single-spindle, twin-spindle and counter-spindle designs, with 1, 2 and 3 revolver heads (up to 48 tool places), in driven tool and 2 Y-axis designs. Owing to its complex turning centres, MetMax Europe’s main strength is the manufacture of complex, high-tolerance rotationally symmetric parts that also require milling operations.


MetMax’s numerous turning centres are equipped with advanced automated systems that ensure automatic supply of raw materials and the handling of finished products, as well as the possibility of continuous measurement, feedback and quality documentation integrated into the manufacturing process.

Our vertical turning centres foster the machining of large parts (with a diameter of as much as 1200 mm), even along 5 axes simultaneously.


Range of dimensions: diameter from 3 mm to 1200 mm, length: maximum 1000 mm.


Typical and maximum accuracy: depending on geometry and material quality, it is typically under 0.01 mm, maximum accuracy: as much as 0.005 mm.


Our main machine manufacturer supply partners: DMG Mori Seiki, Okuma, Muratec, Doosan

CNC controlled turning centres

The majority of our machines are C-axis machines that are suitable for both axial and radial driven tools.

Turned parts