About Us

Who we are?

MetMax Europe is a metalworking company with several decades of experience. Its main profile is the on-demand manufacture of complex, high-accuracy machined devices in small and medium batches, and the production of complex and high-quality machine parts.


The company was established in 1987 by the lathing master József Szórádi. The high level of expertise and professionalism, and the flexible and customer-oriented service means that MetMax Europe has been continuously growing over the past 30 years, also developing and extending its technological base alongside the increase in its customer portfolio.


In 2016 the company was acquired by a group of Hungarian private investors managed by András Csoma through a private capital transaction organized by Vestin Equity. The objective of the owners is to make MetMax Europe a significant company on the European market in high precision and complex machined components. Furthermore, the owners are committed to maintaining the above-average growth dynamics of MetMax Europe company in its present mature state. The 2017–2018 period is a good example of this progress since the company’s turnover has increased by approximately 35%, and the investment volume has exceeded 3 million euros. In order to ensure growth and continuous technological development, MetMax Europe has the strategic objective of consistently investing 12–14% of its yearly turnover.

Customer relations

By now, the company has become the strategic supplier for international companies in Europe, and with its flexible logistics and supply structure, it generally provides for the production and supply of complex portfolios of components (normally several hundred part numbers for each client) for various locations in Europe.


MetMax Europe plays an active part in outsourcing projects where the key competencies in machining and special technologies required by clients are outsourced to appropriately reliable suppliers over the long term, including the transfer of know-how and further development. MetMax Europe has the professional knowledge and experience for the implementation of customer-specific technological and capacity development tasks, and it is ready to implement the necessary technological improvements and developments.

Our vision

The present owners of the company identify themselves as long-term strategic investors. The objective is to make MetMax Europe a significant company on the metalworking market in Eastern and Central Europe that supplies components to its international partners as a member of the international supply chain, playing an active role in the implementation of planning and production technology tasks.