With over one hundred items of CNC machining equipment, MetMax Europe covers many areas of turning, milling and grinding with regards to machining technologies, raw materials and size ranges. Our main profile is the manufacture of small and medium batches, from initial production of 300–500 pieces up to a yearly output of 50,000–70,000 pieces depending on the type of part.


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Who we are?

MetMax Europe, as a strategic European supplier, is a metalworking company with several decades of experience. It manufactures and supplies portfolios of complex components for its international clients. Its main profile is the production of high-precision, complex machined components, primarily produced in small and medium batches, and complemented with heat and surface treatment and assembly as needed. The areas in which our moulds and stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze and plastic components are used cover several industries, ranging from railways to robotics, and the quality assurance of high precision manufacturing is supported by complex measurement technology and a material laboratory.

Our central contact details

MetMax Europe Ltd


Registered address: 1021 Budapest, Völgy u 10/B

Production site: 9086 Töltéstava, Lévay Henrik u 1.

Phone: +36(30)1757098